Hey everyone!

I have a Jamlab USB interface:

My guitar has active Emg 81/85 setup.

This is an example of the sound I can take out of it using some free plugins, using only my laptop to get the sound:


I want to get a new USB interface, since this one was cheap (therefore, I guess its not something that good - but good for my ears though...).

I want a better interface just to get a more "consistent" tone. A studio like tone. If you know what I mean, lol.

What do I need to know when getting a new interface?
we would need a budget. if you know what i mean, lol

otherwise, I recommend the Pod Studio UX series. that is what i have experience with.

Obviously, there is better.

you may be better off asking in the Recordings and Riffs forum
That or just upgrade the VST software, e.g. Guitar Rig, Amplitube, etc.
The real only issue the units is wether or not you'll get higher latency and wether or not they have Hi-Z inputs (higher impedence for guitar signals) M-Audio make quality products, even in their cheaper market (i'm guessing it's a cheaper one, i'm unfamiliar with that model) so the issue doesn't lie within the unit but the VST software.
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