I've been off UG for a while now, but now I'm back.


What do you think? There isn't any bass yet.

Let me know what you think!

PS: Someone please link me to some kind of "ultimate pickup wiring guide" thread, I'm having problems and I can't find the thread for some reason.

EDIT: I put up the same link a few seconds ago but I did it from my former bandmate's profile by mistake(he was surfing on my computer and forgot to sign out) so I took it down and put it up again via my profile.
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Guitars sound real nice! Kick is a bit splatty and could use some more low end. The snare might also use a bit more body as it's pretty thin with a lot of crack and sometimes competes with the guitars. Looking forward to hearing this with bass!
I'm on it!

Drums I had to work off a pre rendered mix, my computer cannot handle simultaneous processing for so many tracks. Not to mention I'm working with $10 speakers! Bass coming up soon!
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