So, I have a low-end acoustic, but I love the sound I get out of it. It's very bright, unique, and I've just grown acustomed to it.

My problem is that I get a lot of fret buzz on my high e string after the 3rd fret, as well as every other string as it get's up around the 12th fret. This isn't a bit deal when I'm playing chords, but as it gets to the solos, I'm screwed and it just makes me sound like I don't know what I'm doing (Kind of a let down).

Anyway, is there a troubleshooting method to figuring this out? Or should I just take it to a guitar tech and see what they have to say?
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I had 12th fret+ buzz on my electric, tightened up the truss rod and it all went away for me.
If it's a low end and you don't mind tinkering with it do it yourself if you have the tools. Otherwise if you just want it fixed right and fixed fast get a setup, should be around $25.
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