I decided, since I know nothing about strings and there wasn't a forum already made about strings I'd make it...because today I changed mine, and I really want to know why every new set of strings I put on my guitar I hate for a week. Is it because I was used to the old ones? but maybe there is a certain set of strings that's better..I'm sure there is, but how do you find it? I just got the standard like (10-47)<--(not so sure about that) normal slinky earnie balls and atleast right now..I want to rip them off my guitar

So what strings are the best? Does it matter? What strings are your favorite gauge and brand wise and what for music?
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Ya new strings will always have that "new string sound", where they'll sound really tinny and treblely. Some people like it, and some people, like you and I, hate it. It doesn't really bother me anymore though. For brands, tbh any brand is fine, although in my experience I never really like ernie ball (broke on me once while I was tuning it for the first time). I tend to use d'addario or blue steel. Right now I have a set of blue steels on my guitar and I like them a lot.