ok guys, i wanna take my rhythm playing to the next level, as lead playing is going really well and i just wanna try something harder for something different.

So what genres are good for taking the guitar rhythm playing to another level?
Ones you like. Learning anything at all is more important than the specifics of what you learn.
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Ones you like. Learning anything at all is more important than the specifics of what you learn.

this.... all music has rhythm and learning to hit it perfectly can be done with any genre. personally I would try something that has more chords than single notes, just because I find it easier to figure out the rhythmic pattern in those songs... I'd start with a simple song like should I stay or should I go, it has a very specific rhythm that if you mess up doesn't really sound right, and it has a simple chord change. infact I would try alot of punk stuff, since they don't usually have much for lead to distract you from the rhythm.

also learning reggae would be helpful, try learning sublimes cover of scarlet begonias, there is a ton of reggae style guitar in that song....

just remember to have fun!
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Some pieces are only meant to be played by people with six fingers on their fretting hand. Sorry.
ok, i dont know if you understood bad my question, or if my english is too bad (probably the second option)

but ive been playing guitar for almost 4 years, so its not that i should do ''should i stay or should i go'' im just looking for something with crazy ryhtmic patterns
trivium, slayer, some megadeth songs
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Crazy rhytmic patterns aye? Dream theater and Symphony X is my strongest bet, Planet X works aswell.
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This is all you need... it's a workshop done by master bassists Victor Wooten and Anthony Wellington on rhythm. They have a class identify and play all 1/16 sub-divisions of a measure at any time.


God bless you for that link man, even if i aint the TS i just had to thank you for that one. That is amazing! Will spend lots of time learning the sub-divsions for the past weeks.
Hopefully my rhythm gets better!