I am planning on getting a new bass, but I'm not entirely sure on what I should get. I thought I did at one point, but now I'm just not sure.

I play anything but country, but my band plays Alternative/Hard Rock.
All I have right now is a Rogue LX200B II (actually pretty decent for a real cheap bass). It's passive and has a spit-coil and single coil pickups.
I was thinking maybe Epi, Squier, or Fender, but wide open for suggestions. And looks are fairly important to me.
My budget is $500 american at the MOST.
I would really like to get a new bass, but would be willing to go used there was a great deal.

So pretty straight-forward, what do YOU think I should get?
if you're gonna get an epiphone that would be the one to get. still not my thing though. if you really like that sound then go for it, but its a one trick pony if you ask me.
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Go for a squire vintage modified series or classic vibe series and put symore duncans in it.
I have a squire vintage modified precision bass with a Seymour duncan spb-3 quarter pounder.
so much punch, it beats the shit out of mexican fenders
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Do you like the fender-ish-ness of your rogue? if so, get something along those lines.

if you're looking for something different, the pro thunderbird is actually really nice, it's a big improvement over the standard epi.

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Just go for it...if its the one u want!!!!

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it depends how much u r willing to pay

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Back on track, look at: Squier, Yamaha, Ibanez, Rockbass. They all have a great selection of budget basses, I especially recommend the Squier Classic Vibe seres.

A question or two: What do/don't you like about your current bass? Which amp are you using?

If you're playing gigs then I suggest begging to relatives for extra money, its certainly for a worthwhile cause.