So I'm playing a prank on a friend of mine. I could use the Pit's help with it. He put his number on facebook, telling people to send him a text with their name in it because he got a new phone. So I'm trying to spam his phone with text messages. If you could just send him a text message with just your first name, it'd be appreciated!!!

His number is .....

That sounds like a good idea

Unfortunately I can't do it from the U.K though.
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UG is not /b/, nor is it your personal army.

*reported* for planning a personal attack/harassment

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- You cannot use UG as a vehicle for the harassment of another person or use UG to obtain anyone's email address, website, profile information, instant messenger ID or any other means of communication for the purposes of harrassment. This includes the sending of hateful emails, instant messages, private messages or comments to any UG user or staff member.
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I'm rgrockr and I do not approve of this message.
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UG is not /b/, nor is it your personal army.

*reported* for planning a personal attack/harassment

Buttt.... it doesn't say for a member not on UG. So it is not being used as a vehicle for harassment at all. I think this is not an example of harassment at all.... it's a text message with a name on it to confuse the receiver. There is no harm or hurt involved at all.

So I do hope you are kidding, if not maybe start having some fun??
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