I am a bassist in my band. I use a jazz bass which i love. It is great for most of the songs we do. But some songs it does not have enough power like blink 182 stuff. so i want to put in a SD half pounder p bass pickup in my jazz right above the neck pickup. i want to do this because i like the jazz neck pickup but also want a p bass pickup and dont want to have to switch bass between songs. i got a attachment to show what i mean.
My question is has anybody done this before? do u guys think it is a good idea? Also what is the best way to cut a hole in the pickguard for this pickup?
Make sure you really know where the most nodes are on the string. Placement is crucial because you could catch the string in a spot where is doesn't vibrate at certain notes.
Oh and I would never do this if it was a Fender Jazz Bass. If this is a backup bass or something, then try it out and really take the time to experiment and research the right placement.
go for it. im not really sure the best way to cut into a pickgaurd, I would ask the guys at GB&C how they do it.

what kind of controls are you gonna put in this? I would put a jaguar style switch to go between the P pickup and the j pups. make the two volumes for the jazz concentric and give the P a vol tone concentric.
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I am not that sure on the controls. But i think i will first try series/parallel and out of phase wiring with the 2 jazz pickups i already have on my bass. then see what kind of sounds i can get and if i am not happy with the tones after this mod i will add the p bass pickup. Has anybody tried this kind of wiring for a jazz bass?
I replaced the standard pups in my old Squier J-Bass with EMG-HZs - a P and a soapbar, to give that sort of tone. But if you're worried about doing it wrong, hand that bass over to a professional, especially if it's a Fender. You don't want to ruin a good bass with shoddy workmanship.
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So you want something like this?

Definitely doable, but if you don't know what your doing then have someone do it for you. Sure it'll cost a bit more dough, but you will have a bass that you will NEVER put down.
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I would just route out the neck pickup to fit a musicman bar in there.
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I think you will have to either get one special cut, or do it yourself.
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In the end, the only question is: what bass would Jesus play?

I think he's a Fender Jazz guy.
That's pretty much the exact layout of the Stu Hamm signature Urge II btw.
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