This year, over 1.4 million Americans will hear the words ‘You have cancer’. I have joined the American Cancer Society on a mission to save lives and create a world with more birthdays by participating in the Relay For Life in my community.

I understand that many scams go around the internet asking for money one way or another, but i encourage you to just google: American Cancer Society, Relay for Life. I will not provide a direct link so that you know I am not trying to put viruses/key loggers/ or anything of the sort on your computer. I hope this will settle your uncertainty about donating to my cause.

Please, support me in my efforts by using the link below to visit my personal web page and make a donation. Every dollar raised brings us one dollar closer to a cure, and to a time when the number of people who have to hear the words “you have cancer” is zero. Remember, every little donation counts toward fighting cancer, so please donate today!

My goal is to raise $500 dollars before May 14th, 2011, and there's only 30 days left so don't wait to donate!


Here are some ways the American Cancer Society (ACS) helps prevent cancer:

1. ACS funds research to find a cure for cancer
2. ACS provides hot lines and informational sites that make people more aware of cancer so that they can prevent it from affecting themselves and others
3. ACS create events that gets the community to participate in to fight cancer by raising money, for example, Relay For Life
4. ACS works with lawmakers to help pass bills that provide more funding for cancer treatment and research
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