So I had been on the market for an extended range guitar for about 2 months when I saw this come up. I had originally been thinking about a 7 string, but when I saw this come up (and in my country) I couldn't resist!

Soft case, but what's inside?

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Locking tuners...

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PRS SE Mike Mushok Signature Baritone!

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Oh yeah... Covered Bare Knuckle Warpigs (ceramic bridge/alnico neck)

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The cutaway

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Some extra goodies

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Review :

She's great. Set up for B Standard with 12-56 strings. The action is a little low for my taste, but the neck is fast. It's about the same thickness as my Ibanez AX120, maybe a hair thicker. I thought it would take a while to get used to the 27.7" scale, but I can barely tell the difference between this and my other guitar (24.74" scale), fret-wise. The silverburst finish is pure smex and the locking tuners are frakin great. I love the all black hardware. The pups sound MASSIVE, even through my shitty Vypyr. I will hopefully be able to play them through a friends 6505 on the weekend to see what they can really do. The harmonics are great and the clarity is killer for such a bassy pickup. The neck is pretty decent for cleans, othing special, but I can work with it. Anyone looking for a baritone should definetily consider this.

I could possibly upload more pics if somebody requests it.
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Amazing finish on it

Did you VS it against any other baritones ?

Im interested in getting a bari soon :P

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I played a couple Schecter baritones, they were good, but I prefer the PRS.

Thought I should add the specs :

Mahogany with Binding
Number of Frets 22
Scale Length 27.7"" Baritone
Neck Wood Maple with Bound Headstock
Fretboard Wood Ebony with Binding
No Inlays
String Through Body Stoptail
PRS Designed Tuners (upgraded to Sprezel Locking tuners)
Hardware Type Nickel (replaced with black hardware)
PRS Designed Treble Humbucker (BKP Warpig)
PRS Designed Bass Humbucker (BKP Warpig)
Pickup Switching Volume and Tone Control with 3-Way Blade Pickup Selector
Y'all don't say that
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long and mcquade eh

Nah, bought it on sevenstring.org from a guy who bought it there. He was cool enough to include the original price tag.
Y'all don't say that
Not my cup of tea for a guitar look wise, but then again I don't like tea very much.
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