I'm currently studying a bachelor of contemporary music with hopes of one day becoming a guitar teacher, i want to offer you free guitar lessons to improve my own teaching abilities

I have 15 years experience with rock/metal guitar technique
I can help you with modes/theory and improvisation

some of which include economy picking, hybrid picking and alternate picking
the correct way to pick to isolate excessive movement and to maximize your strength

Jazz and blues theory and arrangement
i can help you with school projects/homework and with your own writing

after playing guitar for the first 5 years i developed slight RSI in my picking and fingering hand afterward i was forced to relearn my technique, ive poured hours upon hours of developing a economic yet expressive technique. after looking back on how long ive been playing, ive come to the conclusion that developing a great technique is very important, you no longer become hindered by picking/fingering mechanics so that in the long run you're working on whats important like expressive technique and note choice.

I'm offering free lessons to anyone around the word from beginner to advanced
via skype and msn

add me on skype @
(skype is completely free)
Skype Name: Lmaotorcycle


E-mail me at *email removed*

and maybe we can work out something on MSN
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