hey guys I was wondering if you could share with me some of your favorite acoustic blues players so I can go listen to them. I love blues as well as acoustic blues.
Blues all the way.
Most blues players I like aren't exclusively acoustic. Clapton is the obvious choice. But my favourite blues songs were performed by Jeff Buckley, Parchman Farm Blues for example.
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blind willie mctell
blind lemon jefferson
blind boy fuller
hugh laurie plays acoustic on his album "let them talk"
if you can find them, the old SRV acoustic MTV show.
guy tortora
son house
skip james

most of these are delta blues or new orleans blues, but meh; golden.
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i'm a huge lightnin' hopkins and big bill broonzy fan but some others worth a listen would be blind willie mctell, blind blake, rev gary davis, bukka white, lonnie johnson, skip james, blind lemon jefferson, blind boy fuller, robert johnson, charlie patton, johnny shines, and son house
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Eric Bibb


have a look at Harry Manx

RORY GALLAGHER!!! check out his acoustic stuff, some class covers of the classics and equally brilliant orginal stuff
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John Lee Hooker
Robert Johnson
Son House

Word em up.
australian guy: Shaun Kirk.

google him.
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