I'm working on a Schecter Tempest Hellraiser, installing a pair of seymour duncan passive pickups. The problem is, that the shitty EMG pickups that were in there before apparently don't need a ground connection to the bridge like most pickups. So, how do I ground these pickups? I'll include both the EMG TW and Seymour Duncan wiring diagrams.


get a piercing of some sort run said ground wire to piercing problem solved
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Remove the battery box, and the high E string ferrule on the back (the little thing you put the string through. Take a small drill bit and drill through the ferrule hole, into the battery box cavity (start the hole a few mm down from the back of the guitar, so you won't see it)

Now cut a small groove in the ferrule itself and solder the ground wire into the groove, and reinstall the ferrule. The wire should sit in the hole you drilled, so the ferrule sits back correctly.
Then you can run the wire through the battery route to the volume pot.
littlephil: Sounds like a pretty good idea, but I don't understand how I would be able to drill through the body that far. The battery compartment is kind of far from the ferrule... I'm not even using the battery anyway since I'm converting to passive pickups. could I drill from the big compartment in the back?


EDIT: I'm going to bed, but I'll check back on this thread tomorrow at lunch. Thanks for the help so far.
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Ah, sorry. I didn't realise the battery cavity was so far! I did it to a Hellraiser 7, and the battery cavity is right under the string ferrules.

Yeah, you could just drill straight into the control cavity, that would be much easier.
In that case, I think I'll just take it to a skilled tech. I have no problems soldering, but drilling for the first time on my main guitar is a bit scary!

Thanks a lot for the help though. I'm hoping to get these in soon!