So, I've been trying to compose some metal stuff for my band and my solo project, and I tried to inovate, blend genres, play different stuff, etc...But I got to a point where every damn thing I play sounds like i just ripped some band's music...I figured that it can probably be, because I don't have much of musical theory or something... I really tried everything, i played thrash, death, black, metalcore, heavy, power, speed, melodeath...Any tips on how I can compose original stuff?
Everything has already been done in some form or fashion. The only difference is in the way it is presented. Do whatever makes you happy. Don't be so hard on yourself. Writing is something that everyone does differently. Sometimes you have to write a bunch of sh!t before you actually come across something that you feel is worthwhile
when im trying to come up with something unique i will play a riff ive written and then flip it over and try again or play everything backwards, usually sounds like complete ass but every once and awhile something cool comes out
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instead of trying to pull influences that are part of the genre you are trying to make a unique sound with, try pulling from an entirley different genre. for example try some jazz or classical, and I know I'll get flamed for it but you can even try pulling techniques and what not from pop, yeah I know 'no talent' except you may fail to see that the producers behind the pretty face spent years in college learning not only how to use the equipment but on music theory, so they know pretty well what should work well together and how to use these certian techniques and chords over all.

there is plenty of music to pull from to add a unique twist, you just may not be looking in the right places. if you open your mind and start listening closer to music you don't like just to find something you like, whether it be a lick chord progression or just a phrase. then play with that till you find something that you can use.
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I know this sounds a bit elementary, but it can help: what is unique metal to you? If you were to picture in your head a unique metal band that you would enjoy listening to, what would they play? Hear that music, really listen to it, learn how to play it. Sometimes it can take a long time or it can be difficult to figure it out, try your best and **** with it until it sounds cool. Remember music has no rules, do whatever the **** you want, play how you feel like playing.
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Mix lil parts of riffs. do Not a collage. Mix up tremolos, chords etc...

Try at first: A one Bar riff. and put everything of guitar technique you know into it.
Chords, Double-Stop, bendings, tremolo, muted, harmonic.. etc...

Then write everything in a imagined chordprogression so now noone can say:
you just have thrown things together...

Try this and you will calm down, because it is difficult...but will force you to reach your limit...


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To add to that list:

Gordian Knot


Also, the best tip when trying to mix genres is to not to over do it. There are plenty of bands out there that use a short acoustic/classical guitar intro, and then just drop in to something heavy. That's not mixing genres, that's just throwing to unrelated ideas together, imo.