In looking at Google Shopping for the prices on a particular instrument, there was a price much lower than from other vendors, from an outfit called "Guitar Files". (www.theguitarfiles.com).

(by the way, in looking at other instruments they have, I don't find all their prices that great, but it was on this one.)

I never heard of them before, and don't know if they are a reputable vendor. It does not look like they take either PayPal nor Google Checkout, so one would have to give them one's credit card number.

Has anyone here done business with that vendor? Comments?

Thank you.
I added something to cart and went to checkout and it says paypal is an accepted payment option
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Guitar Files used to be a great tab site back in the day.......I wonder if its even the same owner
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Phew. On that talk bass forum thread that Patticake linked to (thank you), there sure are several folks very unhappy with Guitar Files the vendor. http://www.talkbass.com/forum/f30/anyone-ever-dealt-guitarfiles-com-281745/

Then the owner of that vendor writes to the thread, and says they are great, and those folks are lying. Then a couple more people write how they have had good luck buying from the company. (Could have been the owner again, under a different name, or company employees told to wrote that. Or not.)

Others --look at that thread on Talk Bass Forums, and tell me if you would order from them, if they had a price for an instrument MUCH lower than others.

No one here has ordered from them?

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