I originally posted this in GG&A (That an GB&C are kind my homes).
Lets try it here.

Yeah, looking for a low cost bass amp.
Budget $200 tops.
Used is fine.

Just looking for brands. I can do the CL thing myself, thanks though.

Basically just for practice/jamming. Not in need of a gigging amp ATM.
Down the road maybe, but then I'll get an Ampeg or something.
I'm not the bass player, The guy we are using on bass has several Gibson Custom shop guitars. He'll have to sell one of those for a bass amp if he wants to stay on board with us.

Able to hear over drums.

SS, tube, hybrid, I don't care.

Currently have a Samick 15w. Just not loud enough.
I have to use the line out > mixer > home stereo to get the volume ATM.

Saw a cheap (Stagg) 40w on CL for $50 but that's probably not gonna be enough.
That one looks kind of appealing cause its in Newhall, Ca. and so am I
Probably be like a 5 minute drive away.

Classic Rock
Early metal (Think Sabbath).
Southern Rock.
Maybe a touch of jazz now and then. But rarely.

I don't really have the cash ATM, but just looking for suggestions as to brands, wattage and such.

We really just need to be able to hear it.

The fender rumble amps are pretty cool. Thats the amp im running now, its good enough for practicing and best part is they are cheap lol
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In other words, can it be heard over a drummer that beats the hell out of his kit?

I have a 15 watt right now its pretty loud, but id get something bigger if i were you. They have bigger amps too.

Do what i did go to a guitar store plug in your bass and jam till you find one you like
You may want to look at something in the 100-200 watts for practice.

Maybe a Gallien Krueger MB200 or a used Peavey.
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That's a really tight budget for something that can be heard over a drummer, your best bet would probably be to look into a used Peavey TNT.
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Yeah I know.

I guess we are just gonna have to tell the bass player we may be going with to pony up the cash and buy his own. He doesn't have any money, but he does have several pristine Gibsons. He is just going to have to sell one of them or its gonna be bye bye. But I don't really want to do that because his playing has progressed greatly in just the last few weeks.
But, if he is not dedicated enough to sell some of the gear he doesn't really use much, then that's a problem.

The 15w I have I only bought to record some of my ideas with.
this is the only thing I can think of new

look for used peavey gear.

your gonna want a 1x15 or 2x10 combo at the very least. try and go for at least 100 watts. 200 would be better. its gonna be hard to find something loud enough in that price range, hopefully your local Cl likes you.
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