I am thinking about building a bass, and I am a little lost as to where to begin. I was going to just build the body (solid) and buy a neck off of Warmoth and bolt it on. It seems to me that building the body is really as simple as getting a neck blank and shaping my design into it, cutting areas for pick ups, wiring the instrument, and putting in an area for the bridge and neck to be bolted in. Am I over simplifying this? I know a woodworker who would work with me in shaping the body and the pick up, neck, and bridge areas. He has planars, a CNC machine, the works so I think it can be done relatively easily.
If you're doing your own design the only thing you need to worry about really is the action and the bridge placement. The depth and (occasionally the angle) of the neck pocket need to be set so you can get a decent action, plus the bridge needs to be placed in order so you can easily set the intonation. Other than that it's fairly simple to make a body to match a neck.
Nope, you're not over simplifying it. You dont need to shape the bridge area unless you're recessing it, which you should need to, but usually looks pretty cool. In the end its pretty simple, just measure everything MULTIPLE times before cutting anything.

Good luck!
Awesome! Thanks a lot guys! How could I figure out about the neck pocket being set in? Would it be easier to go ahead and get the neck I want and figure out how it should fit in initially?