I'm getting a new Ibanez neck and it's the S470fm neck which is bound in white.
1. I hate white bound necks for some reason. Well, not exactly "hate" but I'd prefer a black or dark color with white dot fret markers on top of the neck.
2. I plan on sanding the back of the neck and staining it the same color that I STAIND ( ) the body. So, I figure I would just sand the binding and paint it black and seal up the neck.
Now, my question is, where can I find some decals or actual markers to put over the black before I seal and finish it back up?
Find a local plastics shop and get the plastic rod from them. I have two plastic manufacturers near me and I can get (3) 8' long by 1/4" plastic rods for the same price Stewmac charges for a single set of cut 6mm dot markers. You can get all kinds of colors and sizes. Triangles, squares, circles, whatever... I used some transparent blood red rod for fret markers on a Rhoads V I built.
Thanks, I'll check into both, though I live in a small town and Stewmack may be my only option. But I was hoping I could just find a small set of decals or something?
Also, to remove the ones in the neck already, can I just sand to a close level, stab them with an icepick or something and then pull them out?
Decals would probably rub off if your neck sees heavy usage. I'm not sure how deep ibanez does their markers, they may only be as deep as the thickness of the binding. If they're deeper just drill the hole for the new markers right through the old ones.