I don't know how many people have heard of the band Danko Jones, but their bassist JC has an awesome, powerful sounding overdriven tone that I was wondering how I could come close to replicating with a certain distortion/overdrive pedal. Here's a link.


I know he uses a lot of high-end gear like EBS amps which I believe are all tube, but I just want to know if I could come close to a sound like that with a good pedal and my solid-state Fender amp.
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it sounds like you want something that adds drive and attack rather than distortion

try looking into the Sansamp Bass Driver DI. it is a fantastic pedal that will give you exactly the kind of sound you are looking for. i got mine for about £180 (which is around $300 i think), and it is worth every penny.

try and avoid anything that says bass distortion, because you will get lost in the mix, and all it will do is add fuzz.
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