well its the whole thing, just look at the second picture.

edit.O thought you said tremolo bar. whooops time for bed.
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What guitar have you got?
That's just a tailpiece. You still need a bridge to set action/intonation. You also need a bridge that the strings go through, if you have a string-through-body guitar, you'll need to replace the bridge.
I have a cheap beater guitar that's string-through. It has a fixed Fender style bridge on it. If I were to buy that vibrato, what else do I need to buy?

Edit: Would it be cheaper to buy that vibrato + whatever else I need or to just take a router to the guitar and install this trem? http://www.guitarfetish.com/Vintage-USA-Strat-Steel-Saddle-Trem_p_846.html

That particular one comes with everything I need to mount it, I just have to rout the body out.
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Just get it, get a TOM and have that installed. It would be a lot cheaper, and you could do it yourself easily enough.
^You can't just install a TOM on a guitar with a Strat type bridge. TOM's require a neck angle, which the guitar won't have if it had a Strat style bridge. Putting a TOM on without a neck angle would leave the action unplayably high, you couldn't shim the neck to get an angle steep enough, and there would be ugly holes where the original bridge was.

Probably the simplest option would be to use that tailpiece, and replace the current bridge with a top loading bridge.
Something like this, where the strings go through from the back of the bridge;
Thanks for the help guys. But I think since it's just a really cheap beater guitar that I'm using for modding practice, I'm going to a template for a vintage strat trem and rout it out for the practice and experience.