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That's pretty sweet man. I could see a crowd going mental for that.

hehe thanks
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the first part of it sounded like pretty much every other metal breakdown, but it was still good. the little techno-ish part in the middle was kinda a surprise that i liked, and then bobby screaming "thats my purse!" and the end just brought it all together XD

if you wouldnt mind, could you crit my song here please?
There is a saying in poetry, "show me, don't tell me." here you are announcing everything, like an announcer to a sporting event. "Dave has the ball. Dave passes the ball. Dave picks his ass."


XD epic win
That was great. The first half was a nice introduction, not quite jaw dropping but it kept me sucked in, but the electronic shift has to be the meat of the song though. It was all around fresh.
that was heavy man. i dont normally listen to that kind of stuff. but it was good. you dident loose my attention anyway.at 45 seconds it becomes a different song. i like this part better then the first. reminded me of clouds on a sunny day. and then some bobby hill, thats my purse lol. lovin it man. nice. i wish it was longer though. good job.

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