Please dont abuse me if this is a stupid question i am a novice i seem to be having trouble with it. Basically when you have to mute a string like on the tab below.

do you rest a finger on the string you want to mute while holding the other notes down? i am finding this kinda tricky just wondering if this is the correct way to do this. Thanks

the way i'd do it is have 4th finger on the 5 and index on the 3, and use 4th finger to mute the middle string. don't know if that is the 'accepted' proper way of doing it though but it damn sure works.
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Index on the 3, ring finger on the 5. But the ring finger mutes the A string. Just shift your finger angle a bit 'till it mutes.
I usually use the finger I use to fret the 5 to also lightly cover/touch the string to be muted. That works for me, and sounds good.
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well, the way i do it is when im fretting on the third, I fret with my finger just lightly resting on the string i want muting.
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I fret 3rd fret with my index finger and 5th with ring finder and lay the index finger so that I mute the A string (while still fretting 3rd fret, ofc).
Thanks guys just wanted to make sure i was doing it correctly. Thanks