Hey. I'm just getting into Guitar and, well, I don't really understand guitar tuning so I took it to a shop and thought that it was tuned properly afterwards. I began doing simple excercises from a DVD I bought but then came across a problem with one of the tasks so I took a video and showed my friend who has been playing for about 2 years. He basically said my tuning is wrong.

So after researching I bought a Korg GA-1 (new ver of the GA-30) and tuned it.
All of the strings are in the middle, not really to flat or too sharp, pretty much in the middle.
My problem is with the G string :S

When I just pick the open strings from E A D G I do not notice an elevation in pitch, leaving me to wonder if I have tuned it correctly.

The Korg tuner was set to guitar and everything seemed fine. Please reply.
when you tune your strings does the note displayed in the tuners window correspond with the string you're playing?
ie: when you tune the G string does the tuner show a G on it?
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Infact, I must be turnign the tuning pegs wrong. It's not the tuners fault that it doesn't recognise the strings it was me not turning them right. I just turned the high E 1st string which kept on saying 5th D but it evenetually said 1E with enough tension.

That is the correct way to go about it?
Are you tuning an electric or acoustic guitar? If electric, you actually have to plug it into a tuner, the way you would into an amp because the volume of the guitar strings are not loud enough to be picked up by the tuner when the guitar is unplugged. Also you need to check that the strings are in tune with each other.
It's definitley plugged in. It's working now, though. The guy at the shop, I'm guessing, tuned it to something completley different from standard.

I just found low e by turning the peg alot and then the same for each open string.