I dont remember the name but I remember them being an instrumental rock trio that had no bassist.

Both guitarists used octave pedals and bass amps to simulate a bass guitar and if I am correct they broke up.

Anybody know these guys?
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Both of them are instrumental trios with no bassist.

Any of them have two guitarists who use octave pedals and bass amps to simulate a bass guitar.

However I am very thankful for the Darediablo introduction.
Sorry, The White Stripes is only two people ><
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I'm probably wrong, but I'll throw a guess out there just in case it's who you're thinking of. Explosions in the Sky?
Maybe ELP (Emerson, Lake, and Palmer). Or Emerson, Lake, and Powell (as they switched out Carl Palmer for Cozy Powel at one point).

Although thinking back now I believe they did have a bassist (along with keys and drums).
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What kind of instrumental? Jazz? Blues? Post-rock? C'mon.

Instrumental post/prog rock I believe.
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