I know ive had im looking for an amp threads in the past but now im done school and my band is gigging so i really need to decide. I play alot of blues and classic rock on my own time buti play in a hard rock metal band (think alter bridge)
Im in toronto canada and im looking to spend around 700 but could stretch to a grand if it means itll be something awesome. Im not willing to buy used because i want a warranty and dont want to take the risk. I also dont mind using a booster with an amp to get a metal tone cus i already have a ts9 and a bd2
I was looking at a few amps like the valveking combo , a traynor, fender deville, marshall ma , 6505+ combo and im open to any other amps as well but ill need enough watts to cut through the mix and play gigs

I appreciate any help or suggestions.
Blackstar Venue series might work
Prs Custom 24
Fender Jaguar
Gibson Les paul standard dc
Ibanez as71

Peavey xxx
Crate v-32h/cab

Dimebag wah
carbon copy
evh phase
blackstart ht-duel
holy grail plus
electric mistress stereo