Wondering if anybody can help me with this...

I bought a Marshall G100R CD amp a while ago, and it sounds great with my effects board that I have with it, although one morning I woke up and starting playing, only to find that it sounded awful. I thought that the problem was probably my active pick-ups, so I charged the batteries and set off to play again, but was once again confronted by this bad-sounding guitar.

I would describe the sound as when you are playing some of the notes don't seem to come out sounding as they should, almost as if it can't pick the sound up quite right. It seems to feel like there's something missing when I play now, and it sounds very staccato. Also it seems as if my hammer-ons and pull-offs are not being picked up as well as they were before. Is this something to do with the compressor settings on my effects?

I'm pretty sure that it's not to do with my guitar, although I haven't tested it out on any other amps yet to see if it is.

Thanks for your help.
Did you do anything to the guitar? like knock it against anything? This might sound stupid but have you tried tuning it? and if the sound is...kind of thick? if you get that.. then you should try redialing your amp.
Well the guitar has had the occasional bump or two, but it seemed to go wrong over night, which was what confused me... and also I haven't tuned it since, I will try this if you think it will help, and how would I go about redialing my amp?
Also forgot to mention that the strings that are on it are quite old now, so I'm thinking that they could be part of the problem...
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i'd just check every pedal and setting in your signal chain and make sure its how it was set before, maybe a dodgy connection? although they way you describe it makes it sound like it is a compression issue if you set the threshold too high it can produce similar problems turn off the compresser and see if it makes any difference
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does your pup switch crackle if you move it a bit?

i had this with a set of 707's and it turned out to be a problem with the switch
What you really need is a new amp.

a tube amp

but the problem your describing sounds like something to do with the switch. Try wiggling it around a bit and see if it does anything?