Hi! I have recorded two songs from the Erotic Cakes album. Waves and Wonderful Slippery Thing. Would love some feedback.
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Wow! great work man! I hope to be able to play Waves one day (especially the part 3 minutes in). Hope you do some more.
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i went in thinking it was going to be somebody butchering the songs but i was pretty surprised, good job man. i like waves, the distortion(in both songs) sounds a little too muffled. maybe mess with your tone or switch pups position(bridge/treble). all in all your playing is really good
Nice man, how long have you been playing?

Edit: also what did you used to get that clean tone? its pretty close to his tone.
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good stuffs bro!
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Cheers guys. I really appreciate it! Been playing for about 5-6 years.
I used guitar rig 4, just some standard presets. I think the gain preset was Eric Johnson - something. I'm not quite sure about the clean tone.
I might do Fives when I get home from my easter break
Once again, thanks a lot guys!
I really, really liked that one LowBstring! I need to learn some of that stuff! Sounded great
I've been playing for 5-6 years
I really loved that video! Great playing, and really, really great singing! I posted a comment on youtube
That was great job man! Im currently trying to learn Waves. Its be a challenge but its been fun, and you nailed it.
And at 1:27ish on slippery great job nailing that tapping part.

One thing, thought it was mention, tone was a bit muffed.

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Thanks a lot. I have to admit though, I'm not playing the tapping lick on WST like Guthrie do.
I had to find something else that works, which is a tapping lick that I use quite a lot.

I'll try to play around with the tone settings the next time I record something like this. I'm thinking about doing Fives
I really love it! especially Waves.. you've got such a nice sound. Could please share your backing track to Waves with me?
Thanks a lot guys. It`s getting quite obvious that I should take time to change the settings in Guitar Rig next time I`m doing something like this. About the backing track, I would highly suggest that you go to bluesjamtracks.com and purchases it. It`s a bundle with all of the backing tracks and lead sheets to all of the Erotic Cakes tracks. I`m not trying to be a douche but I kind of want other people to suppert Guthrie. Hope you understand

Once again, cheers guys. I really appreciate the feedback
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excellent playing on waves, ive been trying to learn that song for ages. the distortion is way too muddy though, id eq my tone a bit better, its not very well defined. how did you record this?


Cheers Akack I really like your vocals!
I wish you did a recording inside though. It's a bit noisy sometimes. Other than that, great job
Once again thanks for your crit on my page!!

I never heard the original, but the tone sounds real awesome and the playing is pretty damn good might I add. My guess is it sounds pretty damn similar to the original. I like it, keep it up!