If you could create 1 band out of all the band members ever who would be in it?

My punk band:
drums: travis barker
bass: kat marsh
guitars: dave grohl, Dave baksh
Vocals: hayley williams and tim mcilrath

and writing the lyrics: fat mike and itch fox
Drums - Dave Grohl
Bass - Mike Inez
Guitars - JSteve Vai and Guthrie Govan
Vocals - Chris Clancy (from Mutiny Within. Seriously check them out!)
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The Searchbars

On drums would be the first thread about this.

On guitar it would be the sixth thread.

On vocals, it'd be Freddie Mercury.

On bass, it'd be Mark Hoppus.
Guitars, drums and bass, no vocal: Buckethead

...Oh wait!
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Vocals: Dave Mustaine
Guitars: Dave Mustaine, Marty Friedman
Bass: David Ellefson
Drums: Nick Menza

Fellow Metallica fan i see
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you spelt colors wrong

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Vocals: Howard Jones (KsE, not Flock of Seagulls)
Lead guitar: Dime
Rhythm guitar: James Hetfield
Bass: Cliff Burton
Drums: Joey Jordison
Vocals: Jason Wisdom(Becoming The Archetype) and Matt Smith (Theocracy)
Guitars: Matt Smith (Theocracy) and Dan Eggers (Decrepit Birth)
Bass: Jeroen Paul Thesseling (Obscura)
Drums: Lyle Cooper (The Faceless)

Christian Death/Power metal band!
drums: dave mustaine
guitar: neal peart
bass: axl rose
singer: lars ulrich

I'd buy the discography
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I was thinking about this yesturday. I ended up with Rush. I kicked out Lifeson for Clapton on rythm, though. And put Satch on lead.

On, and put Sammy Hagar on vocals I guess. Why not.
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i did this ages ago and loads of people had a go at me because so many people dmake this thread.....

mine would be

Drums - Kieth Moon or Dave Grohl
Bass - John Entwhistle
Guitar - Sinister Gates
Guitar - John Frusciante
Guitar/Vocals - James Hetfield
Vocals - Chester Bennington

it would be my FunkMetalModRock Band....
I would have

Drums: Elmo
Bass: Louis Spence
Guitar: Jim Carrey
Vocals: An actual, real, zombie.
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UG GT5 group
Drums - John Bonham
Bass - John paul Jones
Lead guitar - Jimmy Page
Vocals - Robert plant
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drums - shannon larkin (talk shit - i like his style)
bass - lemmy
keys - rick wright
rhythm - james hetfield
lead - paul gilbert
vocals - layne staley
Vocals: Bruce Dickinson & Johan Hegg
Guitars: Jeff Loomis, Roope Latvala
Bass: Steve DiGiorgio
Drums: Richard Christy
Keyboards: Jaane Wirman

I can always dream..
Vocals: James Labrie
Guitar: John Petrucci
Bass: John Myung
Keys: Jordan Rudess
Drums: Mike Portney...
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I would have

Drums: Elmo
Bass: Louis Spence
Guitar: Jim Carrey
Vocals: An actual, real, zombie.

I'd go see them.
David Bowie - Vocals
Lou Reed - Guitar & Vocals
Robert Quine - Guitar
Richard Hell - Bass & Vocals
Billy Ficca - Drums
Brian Eno - That stuff Eno does
John Cale - Piano & Viola & assorted instruments & Vocals
Electronics/ambience : Armin Van Buuren

Drums : Danny Carey

Guitars : Frederik Thordendal

Bass : Joe Lester on fretless

It would be a prog/tech/post-metal/psychedelic band.
Completely instrumental.

AVB would do all the ambient stuff as well as the electronic breaks and the more electronic oriented tracks.
Carey would be perfect for drums because he has this signature hard-hitting style that's perfect for both heavy and the more prog oriented playing, as well as the complexities of playing side by side with a producer.
Frederik and I would go great for this project, making use of a lot of jazzy/ambient elements as well as more traditional prog elements.
Joe Lester on bass coz he's awesome.
Lead Guitars - Eddie Van Halen/Angus Young
Rhythm Guitar - Malcolm Young
Drums - John Bonham
Bass - Duff McKagan
Vocals - Paul rodgers