I have stuff I'm MORE THAN willing to trade!
boss me-20
MXR Wylde Overdrive
DBX Project 1 228 compressor/limiter(rackmount)
Digitech DSP 128+ signal processor, does delay, reverse reverb, gated reverb, spring/plate/hall reverb, chorus, flanger, and multi tap delay. (rackmount) let me know i you're interested in any!
I have a boss me 20 that does pretty good bluesy tubey breakup sounds and awesome effects like delay, flanger chorus, and a ton more! let me know! I also have a dbx rackmount project one compressor/ limiter!
Call me Collin!
Currently looking to trade for
blues driver
line 6 DL4
Pigtronix polysaturator
MXR ten band eq
What I have to trade
Digitech DSP 128+ (rackmount)
DBX project 1 compressor/limiter (rackmount)
boss sd-1 modded