just curious as to what should be a concern re. humidity. my son is in the process of picking up his Taylor 400 series and he lives in N. Ontario. it can get pretty dry up there in the fall and winter where the temp. drops to -20 C and below.
Hi! I have a Taylor GC3 and I keep my Humidity at around 45-50%. I also use a space heater so the humidifier has to constantly pump out mist...for temperature I think that keeping it anywhere around 65-70 F....not sure what that translates to in C...the key is to keep it steady
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I just bought a Taylor and they give you several pages of technical information about humidity with the guitar.
If the material doesn't come with the guitar then it's available on Taylor's site.

That 45-50% is ideal; we're lucky here in Missouri as that's pretty much standard and often higher.
I used a home-made in-case humidifier over the Winter and saw no problems.
All solid wood guitars(which includes the 400 series) should be kept in a 40-60% relative humidity. The closer to 50-55%, the better.

A general rule of thumb is that if the house heating is on, you need a humidifier. The hot air is generally very, very dry. You can pick up a humidifier at most larger guitar stores. Long & McQuade will have them for sure. Picking up a hygrometer(tool that measures relative humidity) is also a good idea.

During the spring and summer, you will not need a humidifier.
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