Hey guys, I decided to sell my Soloist as I didn't like the EMGs anymore, nor did I ever use the Floyd that was on it. I decided to buy this little precious:

Why yes, that *is* the most beautiful guitar this planet has ever seen! In my world, that is.

This playability of this guitar is over 9000. The neck is very 'fast' and surprisingly small. The sound is amazing. It has a coil split feature, with which I've already fallen in love with. It is a very versatile guitar. Very solid feel as well. I've just uploaded a little demo, if you'd like to hear it, check out my profile.

I'm extremely proud to own this guitar!
............. I'm jealous. That is super sexy.
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Love that classy look with the binding. HNGD!!
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The more I see these, the more I don't want to let go of my MH-1000. Every guitar with the DBSB finish I've seen but mine looks super dark, and I really like the brightness of my top.

Still, HNGD bro!
HNGD! I love the look of that beast

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Thanks everyone! I am constantly looking at it, and giggling like a little schoolgirl when I see it
Oh wow, that is beautiful... (':

Hngd man.

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Nice. What are the pickups?

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