Hi guys never seen this posted anywhere, and I really like watching amazing live preformances.

These are two of my favorite live performances I have seen to date.

1. This video is "sonic excelence" to quote a comment a saw on youtube. You must watch the full thing because it just builds up, you truely would be missing out if you didn't. Billy Corgan uses feedback like a genious then kicks the shit out of his speakers. (Had me laughing) Seriously the last two minutes just wrecked all my conceptions about the music. Chamberlin is phenominal on drums, Iha and Corgan and Darcy just jamming.

Smashing Pumpkins- Porcilina of Vast Oceans

2. Warren Haynes with Dave mathews in Chicago, covering Cortex the Killer, a Neil Young song as we all know. This man just Flat out shreds, plus the camera work takes this to a new height.

Cortez the Killer- Dave mathwes and Warren Haynes

Enjoy and Please Post your favorite VIDS!
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Well, you found out one of my favorites, which is Warren Haynes. As far as live shows go, Warren is always incredible, whether he is with Gov,t Mule, The Allman Bros, solo, acoustic. He is an amazing performer. Also, Widespread Panic put on pretty amazing shows. A well traveled band with the best in the business when it comes to Bass Players(Dave Schools), Lead Guitar Players(Jimmy Herring), and Lead Vocals(John Bell). This band, or any one of these guys in one of their many "side projects" is always well worth the price of admission.
Widespread panic at rothberry playing love tractor is good man. I found myslef jamming out to that unconciously.

Dude sorry not a fan off running with Dillenger escape plan, they got spunk but the rythem was ****ed from the start. Converge was pretty good i liked them.

Who ever is playing the melodic part for At the Drive in, that was pretty sweet i liked that.


To play in front of that many crazy British people would be awesome
Twilight Singers for sure!

I saw smashing pumpkins at lolla and they sucked.
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I always remember how clean tight and professional the Desert Rose Band was.....But nothing beats Led Zeppelin from 69 and 72 at the Denver Coliseum.
Phish is starting to pick up their performances again. While they will likely never top their peak in the mid-90s, here's a taste of what they are sounding like more recently (this video is from 2009):


And for good measure (and for comparison) here is a recording of Phish in 1995: