how much would a epiphone sheration signed and played by Brian May be worth?
A crapload of money
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It is almost impossible to put a value on such a thing. It would be valuable to a collector of rock & roll memorabilia, or to a Queen fan. But how valuable? Who can say? Brian May is alive and well, so it isn't the last thing he'll ever sign. That affects value. He is also known for using only his Red Special or one of the various copies of it, so this Sheraton does not have the appeal of a signed Red Special model. And whether it was signed by Brian May or signed and played by him makes a big difference, too.

Your best bet would be to contact an auction house that handles rock & roll memorabilia.
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Well, let's define "played." If he owned the thing or used it live or in the studio, and there's a record of it, that will up the value significantly. If you handed it to him to sign and he strummed it a couple times, told you it was a nice guitar, and handed it back, that's not going to do anything for the price.

Either way, I don't think we'll be able to give you a price on this one. You'd be best served to put it on ebay with a reserve of a few hundred and see where it goes.
minus 100.00 for finish damage.

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minus 100.00 for finish damage.

you said exactly what i was thinking

i'd think only a serious brian may fanboy who'll buy any piece of crap that has been signed by brian may would actually pay any more than they would for any other used epiphone sheraton.
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If you have proof that it was actually played by him it could be worth more, but if you can't most serious collectors won't be bothered about it. then there's if the signature is real or not.