Well, I usually like your shit, but I'll shoot you a crit and I'll see what I have to say.

From the beginning:

I think the rhythm you use sounds a bit strange, instead of four 32nd notes it might sound better with two 32nds and a 16th as the gallop. In measure 2 the first interval in track 1 clashes, I made it 33 instead of 23 and it works a lot better.

This sounds like old-school melodeath, I dig it. At the Gates/In Flames style. It's cool. I like the harmonies in the verse, but maybe try making it different from just straight thirds? Maybe another interval here and there.

Cool solos, I really like the harmonized one.

Honestly there's not so much to say here, everything except what I mentioned works well, there's a solid feeling that isn't ever broken, and you've got a really effective outro.

Recorded and with some good mid screams this'll be really cool.

Think you could drop me a crit on this thing I just finished?