Along the lines of Avenged Sevenfold, Black Veil Brides, With other styles of Bullet for my Valentine, MCR, And , or, Papa Roach. If you Like Hollywood Undead or Linkin park, side projects are also possible. I'm into every genre of music, But i really prefer Modern music.

Located in: Maryland, MD. Carroll Country.

For: Fun, being in a band, making things up, covers, And as i have Connections with touring bands ( one who is in warped tour) if we make good sh*t up, we can get gigs.

Basic skill: played Drums, singing, guitar, bass for a year or more. My skill is average and above on guitar/bass, as well as screaming(But i use distortion though my amp, learned it from a band i like, it's cheap, but it works. if you don't like that and you can scream without it better, be my guest, we'll see) and some singing (linkin park style)

I'm laid back, so i want fellow laid back people, no one who's over serious. People who are fun to be around and play music with.

This is something to do for me, as graduating last year has left me bored greatly <_<<


I wud have liked to join this band but I'm in Ireland >:0
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i'm 16 and in harford county, but our music interests are a tad different. i'm into taking back sunday, brand new, chiodos, asking alexandria, motion city soundtrack, little bit of MCR, sleeping with sirens, the used, etc. i do like some good screamo every now and then. i would consider myself on the upper end of intermediate, and i play guitar (have played for about 4+ years). could probs do lead, definitely rhythm.

anyway, i'm always down for a jam sesh of any sort, and you're not too far at all.

(p.s. i don't have a bad voice either, i kind of sound like jesse lacey, and screaming isnt much of a problem either)
I'm from Canada, I've only been playing since last November but I am starting to progress pretty well and learning how to compose a little bit better, I could do rythym for sure and eventually develop into a lead guitarist, but I could definitely do rythym.