I currently have a fender american standard strat, sienna sunburst, rosewood. Guy wants to trade me his ibanez sa1060z from a 2006 NAMM show. I know fenders don't lose much value over time but would the ibanez lose value over time? also having an american vs. what is a Korean made guitar is kind of what is holding me back, i.e. QC?
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korean made guitars don't have anything wrong with them, at least in my opinion. don't think of the value of the guitar unless you are collecting them. but I would seriously just hang on to the strat, unless you are planning on changing your style of music or whatnot. the strat will (time proven) only go up in value.
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Quote by coolstoryangus
Nah that ibanez wont be anywhere near the same value of the strat

a 2006 NAAM prestige sa1060z? if its this guitar

then only 20 were made for that NAAM, and its an unbelievably attractive guitar I fail to see where a collectable will loose value over a mass produced guitar.
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