Hey UG I am using a peavey classic 30 with an mxr 10 band in the front and a behringer vt-999 to smooth out some of the lead guitar work since the classic is a 1x12 and can get a little ice picky sometimes. We are a bar band and play 4 times a month and do classic rock covers and some more modern covers mostly rock some early 90's metal like powermad and queensryche ect.... but mostly classic rock from the 70's and 80's anyway I need to add a delay to my sound and my budget is 70 bucks and there are a few on GC used website
So far I am looking at
Visual sound axle grease delay
Ibanez DE-7
Modtone AD delay
EH memory toy
Guyatone micro delay
Digitech digidelay

I'm looking for a delay I can use in some solo work doesn't have to be long delay at all
and of course it's just for about 5 to 10 seconds of a song anyway thanks UG
you guys rock
Quote by crohno
ive heard great thingd about the digidelay

Yeah tried one and really like the chorus effect on it but didn't care for the delay and I ran it through the loop.