It's a mix of all the bad things.
"Since the comprehension of sweet sound is our most indefinite conception, music, when combined with a pleasurable idea, is poetry. Music without the idea is simply music."
- Edgar Allan Poe
It was a short lived trend, that incorporated elements seen as everything "metal" stood against. I don't have a great problem with it, there are some decent examples out there.
Slipknot's self titled, Burning Red and Supercharger by Machine Head, Infest by Papa Roach.
Quite a lot of it isn't just watered down industrial and is pretty good, you just have to look past what people provide as evidence to say it's shit.
Any number of reasons.

Some find it focuses too much on immature angst and fails to develop unique musical ideas. A lot of nu-metal bands sound generic, overproduced, and/or too radio-friendly for metal fans. Instead of focusing on more interesting musical or lyrical themes/ideas, nu-metal tends to lean more towards a radio-friendly attitude very reminiscent of pop musicians.

Other people don't like the larger fanbase that these bands draw. I've read studies that have discussed how metal fans sometimes subconsciously gravitate towards more extreme or shocking music as a way of asserting themselves (I forget where exactly I saw this, but I'd be interested to read this article again if anyone has it). Hence, some fans see nu-metal as an intrusion on their musical solitude, introducing legions of fans to the idea of metal and either giving metal fans a poorer name/image or unintentionally exposing fans to more extreme (and therefore more personal) acts.

I fall into the first category. The occasional nu-metal song is OK (I still give Evanesence and Disturbed a listen from time to time, for example), but an entire album's worth tends to drag on for an hour or more. Bands tend to produce too much volume of work without really creating quality compositions. A lot of the music produced in the scene receives a lot of production (often similar to pop music), which some people say sucks the life out of music (I'm in this group more often than not).
I don't have a problem with it, I actually got into heavy metal because of Linkin Park and Korn so I owe to them, even though I don't listen to them anymore. It just got too trendy and repetitive.
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What he said pretty much sums it up.
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Nu-metal had it's redeeming bands, just you never heard of most of them (Nothingface, Rorschach Test, etc.)
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I love Slipknot's first two albums. Do with me what you must.

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Never listen to them anymore but there's just a weird sense of nostalgia about them for me. Teen angst is probably what drew me to them, but those two albums sums that angst up pretty well.
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I love Slipknot's first two albums. Do with me what you must.

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The main problem with nu-metal is the repetitiveness. Same thing that tends to plague all mainstream heavy music, really.
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