So I'm looking to get the Orange PPC 2x12 speaker cab (http://tinyurl.com/4d2m5mw) and run it from my Marshall JVM210H, in addition to my 1960 cab.

Is this possible? Right now I run the JVM out of the 4Ohm jack and into the 1960. Can I stack the Orange cab along with it, and run both of them at the same time, at 16Ohms? I'm really not confident in my knowledge of Ohm loads and wiring, so I want to know for sure before I buy the Orange cab.

Here's a picture of the speaker outs on the JVM:

If there's any other pertinent info I left out just let me know

Thanks for the help!
i would think to put the 1960 cab in the 1x4ohm output while putting the orange 2x12 in the 1x16ohm output....
So I found my manual for the JVM210, and it says that the safe speaker combinations are 1x16Ohm, 1x8Ohm, 1x4Ohm, 2x16Ohm or 2x8Ohm. Now I think both of these cabs can run at 16 Ohms, I just want to know if anyone can reaffirm this. Sorry if I'm looking like a total noob at this kind of thing, but I don't wanna pull the trigger on the Orange cab if it won't work.
yes it will
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