Playing tonight in a 70s-90s cover band with some buddies at a tea party here in town. i've never played in front of people like this. scared i'm going to be a damn statue. won't lie i'm nervous as a cat but think we'll be fine. any tips from you guys for first time gigs..?
just relax and it will be fine. it's not as bad as you think. make sure you bring water to drink, and bring extra everything: cables, picks, strings, and have a backup guitar. make sure you bring a tuner to tune up at the beginning of the set. don't sweat it too much, and good luck.
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Double check that you have everything you need E.g. cables, picks, strings etc. Like theogonia pointed out, bring extra everything. I like to have a few ciders before I play just to relax a bit, but if you decide to drink before playing, make sure you don't drink too much. But once you start playing the adrenaline kicks in and you should have a good time playing live.
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