Hi everyone. So i wanted to post a topic that i'm sure alot of musicians have an opinion on and who may be able to help me out. Given the state of the music industry i am really struggling with continuing on with my band. I am told by those who hear us that we are a really good metal band that deserves some attention (not trying to brag) and to keep persevering. However, it seems everytime i turn around i keep hearing from some of my favorite players how horrible the industry is and how they would hate to be in a band just starting out trying to make a go of it. I am on my way to my late 30's, have a good paying job with benefits(though i dislike it) and a familiy to support. I love music, especially metal with every fibre of my being, but i am struggling with some serious motivational issues. I'm sure i am not the only one with these thoughts and that there is no one right answer. Guess i'm just looking for some advice on the matter. Any thoughts?
It shouldn't be about the money, do you enjoy playing in a band? playing for live audiences? If yes. Keep going.
Very few bands make very much money. I am somewhat in the same boat as you, just younger, and I primary objective is to become respected in my local scene. If I have some paying gigs that I can do regularly and have fun with my friends in a musical environment. I will be happy. But since I am younger and dont have a family, I also would have no hesitation quitting my job to go on a tour (not that that is likely...).

I think you need to weigh the pros and cons of a being a touring musician vs being a local band who just has a good time. Getting famous/signed doesn't have to be the ultimate goal for every musician.
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Quite honestly, I don't follow metal anymore. But certain types of metal are more image-conscious than others. Most rock genres still require you to be young. Before you go saying, "yeah, but what about Ozzy or Metallica?" consider that they were young when they got signed.

You're younger than me, but for most rock genres, the "getting signed to a big label and making a living off it" train left the station about ten years ago, and you weren't on it.

However, though one door closes, another opens. You don't need to be concerned with something that is, well, no longer a concern. You can make music now on your terms, and do what you want and when you want to do it. You can enjoy it because it is fun, and all the pressure is off now.

Don't let it interfere with your job until you have another job that you'd really hate for it to interfere with. You've got kids. That's priority #1. (I do too... I know.)

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Thanks for the advice guys. I think you all have really great points. I really believe that its easy to fall into the line of thinking that we can only consider ourselves succesfull if we get signed or play in front of thousands of people. Very easy to forget why we play music in the first place. I shall carry on. Much respect.