Hey guys, I have a Squire Stratocaster, Boss Metal Core pedal, and a Marshall MG100HDFX half stack...

The gear is pretty legit, but the sound still kind of sucks, so I'm assuming its my 8 year old Squire guitar that is giving me the bad sound. So I'm considering on getting some new pickups. After some researching and suggests, I am thinking on some Seymour Duncan Hot Rails pickups for my strat (I play punk/metal)

So the question is, I looked online, and only saw Bridge and Neck pickups for sale. What do I do for the middle pickup?

And, theyre roughly about $75 each. I'm kind of tight on money, so I don't know if I can afford getting more than one. If I do decide to get only one new pickup for the time being, would a bridge, or a neck pickup be better to get for some quick improvements on sound quality?

Thanks guys.
Umm its probably your guitar and your amp, mostly the amp.
A good amp can make a bad guitar sound good.
Get a new amp.
Pickups will not help unless you get a better amp.
Gotta say, the best way to get results here is to replace the amp, then the guitar.
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There's not much you can do on a tight budget. Good gear ain't cheap. Upgrading a cheap pickup in a cheap guitar to play through other cheap gear may improve your tone a little but it'll still sound like poo.

I hate to say this but it sounds like you're just going to have to live with bad tone for a while until you can upgrade to better gear. I had to do that for a while too playing my old squire through a crappy fender amp that was about on par with your MG.
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Assuming you're in America:

You can sell your amp and your pedal for about $300-350. For that much you can get a used Peavey Vypyr 75 (assuming you need that much volume) for $200 or so. $50 will get you a used Sanpera I, and another $50 can get you a couple pickups for your Squire from GFS, including dual coil single coils, for a better metal tone.

As long as you don't mind not having a half stack, you can get more than decent tone out of your situation.
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If I were to sell my head and buy a Line 6 Spider III HD150 head, would it be much of an improvement?

I found a Hartke GT100 head, would that be an improvement from my MG?

And if so, out of the Hartke and the Line 6, which would be a better buy?
Quote by ArmyOfTigers
If I were to sell my head and buy a Line 6 Spider III HD150 head, would it be much of an improvement?

You might as well just vomit on your MG if you are thinking of buying a piece of shit Spider III. Both the MG and Spider are the 2 most hated amps here on UG.

Do you really need a 4x12 half stack? If not, you can get a decent tube head and decent 2x12 if you were to sell both your MG stack and your Metalcore pedal. And if you can't find a good deal on a tube amp, look into some good solid state amps. Ampeg VH140c or Crate GX130, if you can find either one of those used, or a Dean Dime D100 (which is essentially a Randal Rh100 clone).

Neither the MG or Spider III are meant to be serious amps. The Marshall MG is for 13 year old boys that like to pretend that they are Slash and show off to their retard friends the fact that they have a "Marshall Stack". It's nothing but a toy and is not meant to sound good. At all. The Spider III, on the other hand, is for the annoying 14 year old metalheads at Guitar Center who try to play Avenged Sevenfold and think that "MOAR GAIN N DSP FX R TEH BROOTLZ".