I was thinking about starting to record some riffs and such. But I don't have any sort of recording gear. So are there any easy ways of doing this? What kind of stuff would I need? any programs that are good for home recording?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Thank you!
Audacity is a free program that lets you record and semi-edit. It isn't a GREAT program but it is efficient. As for how to record to your laptop, You may want a stealthplug from Sonoma Wireworks, they also sell recording software such as Riffworks. The demo for Riffworks is very cool but is limited to drum tracks. A Line 6 recording product, such as the Guitarport, is another good way to send signal from guitar to computer.. If you buy the Guitarport, I would highly reccomend the Gearbox bundle. In all, Gearbox bundle: $100 for the regular, $190 for the subscription to their website features. Sonoma bundle: $150.
EDIT: I may mention that the Line 6 does not record, just simulates tones from your computer, I used that with Audacity to record.
I'd recommend Reaper for software. I use it on my dell studio without problems. Combine that with a line6 Ux1(or 2) and you're pretty much set.
Thanks for the replies guys, will check those out.
What about stuff like Amplitube, any of you have experience with that? Thats just for playing on your computer, I would still need something to record with, am i right?
try the alesis io2 express, it just cost a few bucks and has a decent quality. the quality of the A/D and D/A coverters and the preamps are surprisingly good for the price - i got it for 90€ over here in Germany, should be around 100-150 bucks in the states. (or not, haha)
it has two channels with enough inputs for your needs, you wont need anything more than that thing!
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