I'm planning on getting new pickups installed on my stratocaster style guitar. I'm getting Seymour Duncan SH-4's so I imagine the guitar needs modified so they fit and work correctly. I was wondering how much the shop GuitarGuitar (Basically a UK equivalent to Guitar Centre) would charge to have them installed?

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Drop them an e-mail, but i think around 30-40 when you supply the pickups.

30-40 GBP or USD? And yeah, I've emailed them, they said they need to see it first so I will have to take it in, which I will do I just wanted a rough estimate first.

Note sure what your skills are, but swapping the PUPs in my Epi LP only required unsoldering 4 wires (2 per pickup), unscrewing 4 screws, taking the old pups out, sliding the new ones in, and soldering 4 new wires to where the old ones were. Was really pretty simple if you know how to solder. Just a thought.
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Learn how to do it yourself, it's really not that hard if you have a basic understanding of soldering and wiring diagrams. I recently did it myself for the first time and I had a tougher time unscrewing the electronics cavity than actually swapping pups :P.
take your pickguard off, your pickup cavity may be already routed for humbuckers (I've seen a lot of strats that have SSS pickups but are routed HSH)

That's probably what they meant when they said they'd have to see it first
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Guitar Centre

I imagine this is why they don't have Guitar Centers in Europe.

Actually, I go by Dave, but there are already too many Daves on this forum.

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sounds about right for 30-40. my passive to active installation was 70...little high but w/e
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it is so lame that they won't give you an over the phone estimate, for something
so obviously easy to price.

in NY guitar center can charge as much as $40 per pup swap.

and like said, in a solid body guitar, it is a super simple job.

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