right basically we had a night out swimming with the ladz and this is the thing we went and hit the showers so we all got naked to have a shower but is it normal if your a guy to look at another persons penis? especially for more than a few seconds because he had a really droopy foreskin and i was just like wat so i kinda stared and i think he noticed i was staring should i talk to him about it or just hope he didnt notice
Your just curious! It's cool man... As long as you didn't get on your knees and put his junk in your mouth, then its cool, bro!
Sorry dude, you're totally gay.

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Have you ever watched porn? I'm sure you've seen a bunch of penises, looking at one in really life isn't really a big deal. Pretty much every male has one, it's just like looking at his arm in my mind.
Lol TS likes dicks

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hmm i suppose guys.

but this was one of the ladz so its not like porn where i dont know the person in it im just interested in the fanny
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There's a dick on Earth, too
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Are you actually asking this?
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yea, i'd say your a full on homo
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^ oh hey y'all females...welcome !
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Definitely homosexual.
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My chest hurts after that.
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