Hey guys, i've been playing guitar for close to 7 years now. I learned theory and took lessons for the first 3 years. I didn't have the best teacher and had to stop lessons because i could no longer afford them. I mostly play rhythm for acoustic stuff, but recently i've been wanting to experiment and expand my skills.

Pretty much, I want to learn how to sweep and I have no clue where to start. What i'm asking of you guys is to either send me in the right direction of good lessons, or possibly giving me advice.

Thanks everyone,
-Kenny Erdmann
start by learning some major, minor, and diminished arpeggios in 5 and 6 string shapes.

Start your sweep on the low a or low e to help you build up speed to make it sound more fluid.
Dude if you are chord player then it willbe pretty hard to switch from comfy strumming to perhaps the most precise lead technique there is.

No offence just the reality, I'm a lead player and its almost like learning to play guitar again when I first bothered to play chords, but if you're willing to learn then look at guitarists such as john petrucci, alexi laiho, luke hoskin, paul gilbert, malmsteen, matt and cory from trivium, all the shredder guys. Christophe godin did a really good article in guitar technques recently about sweep picking, check it out if you can.

If you want to self learn then I recomend finding an easy arpeggio which is fretted differently on each string and sit down and firstly: Just play the frets with your fingers, do not pick at all and build up a steady clean and consistant fingering pattern. Don't make it too fast and then once you feel confident about your fingering, attempt really slowly to pick across the strings in one sweeping motion, down then back up, almost like a chord but more precise.

Do it slow enough that no string makes any noise and essentially pull off and mute the string as soon you haved played it before going on to the next string. This may take at least a year to nail so be patient.

Good luck, it takes time but its worth it in the end.
I appreciate it guys. Yeah i understand it is going to be very complicated to go from chords to shredding. But i'm willing to learn it, im only 17 so i still got a long life to learn it and play with it.