I am working on some music I plan on making for a 'solo' EP, since my friend is doing the same and there's a place we can record it for free. The music I've made/been working on is basically instrumental metal, and I've written up quite a bit of lyrics, all following a fantasy concept. The thing is, I'm not that good of a singer, and I don't really enjoy singing much.

I could ask my friend who can sing to sing over the music, or I had another slightly unorthodox idea. In the little booklets that come with CDs, I could just add the lyrics for each song, but let them be written and told more like a story, and the music could be like background music almost. I just had this idea a few hours ago and I'm not sure what I should do. Thoughts?
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How was Confucius death metal?
You've clearly never read any Confuscius.

As I wait on the edge of the earth,
I can see the walls being torn down again
Only to be rebuilt in another name,
On a different day