depends on if you like it. it's pricey for a laminate back and side guitar, but on the other hand, taylor tends to make good quality guitars.

it wouldn't be a good guitar for me. i didn't care for the tone - i actually prefer the sound of the 114 to the 214, very much. but neither has that much of the "taylor sound", nor do they have the subtleties to the tone that most solid guitars have. and for the same price, you can get a good-sounding all-solid guitar - a blueridge, yamaha L series, recording king, epiphone masterbilt. sure, it won't say taylor on the headstock.

all solid, great sounding, cutaway and electronics, gloss finish. richer sound, too. great price, and you can't beat a blueridge when it comes to a little more bass and fuller tone for the price.

all solid, cutaway and electronics, a lot of people love 'em, and the price is reasonable.

if you love the sound of the 214, you should own one. but if you're not in love with it, there are better - and cheaper - options from good guitar brands.
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Patticake is right as usual. I played one the other day and loved it, just not $1000 worth. If you like it that much, or can get a good deal on one, go for it.
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