I will be buying either a Peavey Vypyr 15 or a Line 6 Spider IV 15 amp (I will decide that part later on my own) but I was wondering what the best possible guitar would be for mo more than $300 for someone that wants to play blues, rock, punk, and metal.
Cort G254 or well any of the the G series. I bought the 254 as my first guitar and it has a great range of differents sounds and it was only 279.99
my yamaha is pretty nice compared to other guitars in the price range. i think its an fzsomething or other.
New, I have never played another guitar for $300 better than an Ibanez RG2EX or an RG321.

Used, there is a whole plethora of options. I bought my H-301 for $320 (costs about $600 new). LTD EC models also go for very cheap as said above. Anything by LTD 300+ is very good.
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You can't go wrong with Agile.
I second this. Go with something from the Agile AL series. They're unparalleled for price/quality ratio. The high end LP copies rival Gibson in hardware/craftsmanship quality and sound damned good.
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agile. if you must go new, an agile is going to give you excellent bang for buck. plus, they're really consistent, so you know that you're getting a decent instrument.

however, try going used. even if you go used from a shop (if you know nothing about guitars, a private sale may not be the best bet) you'll be able to get more guitar for $300 bucks if you go used.

also, go with the vypyr not the spider. its a better product
First the amp, the Line 6 15 is definately not your ordinary practice amp, it gets way louder than that. That is the only guitar amp that I own, and if you get that, you'll be getting reallllly loud, but the sound sucks. The peavy will sound better but its a practice amp so it wouldn't be practical using it outside your house.

As for the guitar, I recommend the same setup as when I started. Try to find a used guitar, my favorite is the ART series by Ibanez
I got an ibanez GRG170DX as my first guitar, it cost me €250, in the meanwhile I've acquired several other guitars but the GRG170DX is still my favorite
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I agree with the agile 100%

You also might be able to get some really top notch epiphone guitars in that price range if you go used.