Hey everyone! I already posted something similar in another thread, but was the wrong section. I think it's better to post it here.

Well, here we go

I have a Jamlab USB interface:

My guitar has active Emg 81/85 setup.

This is an example of the sound I can take out of it using some free plugins and guitar rig 4, using only my laptop to get the sound:


I want to get a new USB interface, since this one was cheap (therefore, I guess its not something that good - but good for my ears though...).

I want a better interface just to get a more "consistent" tone. A studio like tone. If you know what I mean, lol.

What do I need to know when getting a new interface?
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First link is broken. The interface isn't going to have a HUGE impact on your tone or anything. Something by M-Audio or Lexicon should work fine. Are you micing your amp or just going into interface and using some EQ and plugins and such?

From the samples, I'd say double track the guitars, pan one left, one right. More info would be helpful on what plugins you're using, etc. Recording onto a laptop doesn't really make a difference.
Link fixed.

I am not using any kind of external gear. Just guitar >> interface.

I use guitar rig 4, with some free plugins like Lepou's / Revolutionz Amp. And some free impulses with keFIR.

There are four guitars in the example I recorded there. 1 far left, 1 far right, 1 50% left, 1 50% right.

SO, you'd say that is better to improve my plugins instead of the interface?